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CADEANCO manufactures a range of instrumentation systems for both hand-held and automated recording of data from installed sensors.  A number of these systems have internal memory features for unattended operation utilizing real-time clock triggering.  As many industrial and mining sites have limited access, our more sophisticated loggers have remote connections via  3G/4G modems and wireless modules to allow operators to recover remotely.  We are also working with VDV Systems to allow our loggers to automatically send data to their sophisticated data analysis software.

Network versions of TOP Logger allow multiple loggers to be connected into a data acquisition network that has the facility to transmit data from a range of instruments, and multiple instruments, to a single collection point.
Cadeanco’s Digital Point Load Tester is a light weight, heavy duty, portable instrument used to determine the Point Load Strength Index of rock specimens. 
CADEANCO manufactures two OEM Voltage measurement data loggers for clients that are custom designed to record data from their range of sensors for geotechnical applications.
CADEANCO manufactures two OEM Vibrating Wire data loggers for clients that are custom designed to record data from their range of sensors for geotechnical applications.
TOP USB Logger is a portable battery operated device designed to measure and record data from a range of instruments commonly used for geotechnical investigations.
The SBM3000 Strain Bridge Monitor is a portable device used for the measurement of strain gauge-based instruments including those installed in underground coal mine environments.


Custom Branded Products

CADEANCO specialises in creating custom branded products for consultants and traders who appreciate the added value of promoting instrumentation systems under their own label.  We are happy to include your company branding on our full range of products below to assist sales of instruments and promote you within the geotechnical and mining industries.

CADEANCO utilizes the latest industry 3D software for both PCB and mechanical components, allowing faster product realization from concept to hardware.  Design notions can be tested in software and 3D concept animations allow for better evaluation of final hardware.  CAD/CAM files can be sent to machining contractors anywhere in the world allowing rapid prototyping of designs and optimum economical solutions for exacting customer requirements.

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