TOP USB Logger

Rugged design




Up to 18 months.  Can be re-charged in-situ without disconnection from the sensor network.

Up to 7266 scans (depending on the logger configuration)

Data (mV), Time, Date


TOP USB Logger is a portable battery operated device designed to measure and record data from a range of instruments commonly used for geotechnical investigations.  TOP logger is available in four basic hardware formats to match specific instrument applications and provides a range of scanning options to suit user requirements.  Recorded data is stored in non-volatile memory and the logger can operate autonomously, following a full battery charge for periods of more than one year, depending on the programmed operating mode.

Each logger hardware option uses a custom termination cap with waterproof cable entry glands.  The termination cap also provides screw terminal points, specifically tailored for each instrument design, allowing quick and reliable field connections to existing measurement clusters.

Access to the logger for data recovery and operating mode adjustment is provided by a sealed USB socket.  All communications with the logger take place via a standard USB Memory device which can be easily carried and employed by field staff.

More Information

The TOP Logger battery can be charged in-situ using the Model 4020 charger.  This device is a portable battery source employing purpose-designed electronics to transfer a full charge to the in-situ logger in approximately one hour.  All TOP Loggers have in-built firmware to monitor battery performance and provide a status report including the charge state of the battery as part of every data recovery operation.  Connection to a logger for charging is made via the same sealed USB socket used for memory device access.

ISO 9001 Certified

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