Intelligent Instrumentation Solutions

40 years of experience developing best-in-class stress and movement measurement instruments.

A Multi-disciplinary Approach

Mechanical Engineering Design

Using the latest 3D-drafting application, we can readily visualise the final product before committing to the manufacturing stage.  All aspects of the final hardware can be reviewed and confirmed virtually, saving reworking costs to correct unforeseen issues.

Electrical Engineering Design

We work with a local circuit board manufacturer and employ the latest circuit board design software to move products efficiently from the design phase to final hardware assembly.

Geotechnical Engineering Design

We have been designing data acquisition systems to monitor sensors used in the geotechnical industry for the past 40 years.

PC-Based User-Interface Software Design

CADEANCO can customise a user interface based on the industry standard National Instruments LabVIEW application to complete the data logging suite.

Custom Precision Measurement Hardware

Our data logging systems were originally designed for strain-gauge sensors and utilise self-calibrating A/D converters for dependable microvolt resolution.  Custom logger firmware ensures the system is operating to specification at all times.

Custom Electronic Control Systems

As we create our own logger operating systems, we are in full control of the process from the front end to the user-interface.  Additional functionality required by the user may be possible after review, creating the best final solution.


Our Manufacturing Capability

CADEANCO manufactures a range of electronic readout devices to be used in conjunction with geotechnical instruments distributed by consulting and manufacturing companies.  These readouts are designed to specifications developed in association with our distributors and are manufactured under our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assurance system.


Our Consulting Services

Our services are also sought as a consultant for a range of technical applications.  These include engineering modifications to existing instruments, alterations to the electronic readout systems and design enhancements to improve the operation of measurement devices in field and laboratory applications.

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Our Range of Instruments

Network versions of TOP Logger allow multiple loggers to be connected into a data acquisition network that has the facility to transmit data from a range of instruments, and multiple instruments, to a single collection point.
Cadeanco’s Digital Point Load Tester is a light weight, heavy duty, portable instrument used to determine the Point Load Strength Index of rock specimens. 
CADEANCO manufactures two OEM Voltage measurement data loggers for clients that are custom designed to record data from their range of sensors for geotechnical applications.
CADEANCO manufactures two OEM Vibrating Wire data loggers for clients that are custom designed to record data from their range of sensors for geotechnical applications.
TOP USB Logger is a portable battery operated device designed to measure and record data from a range of instruments commonly used for geotechnical investigations.
The SBM3000 Strain Bridge Monitor is a portable device used for the measurement of strain gauge-based instruments including those installed in underground coal mine environments.


Our clients say...

The Top Loggers from Cadeanco performed flawlessly during the period of monitoring and recorded highly accurate data which allowed 3D rock stress change to be calculated at the locations of the three HI cells.


Rob W

Mining Industry Consultant

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