Top Network Logger

Rugged design





77mm diameter x 470mm long




304 Stainless Steel Case with Acetal end-caps




Operating temperature

-20°C to +55°C

Storage temperature

-25°C to +70°C


32 loggers per network

Connected loggers are continuously charged via the network connection

Up to 7266 scans (depending on the logger configuration)


Network versions of TOP Logger allow multiple loggers to be connected into a data acquisition network that has the facility to transmit data from a range of instruments, and multiple instruments, to a single collection point.  There are two options:

The RS232 option provides a single cable point-to-point input to allow the logger to connect directly to another RS232 device or to a wider network via a dedicated interface.  This option may be used to connect directly to a laptop computer, a data radio, or an Ethernet LAN using an RS232-to-Ethernet server.

ISO 9001 Certified

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The RS485 option allows multiple loggers to be connected together using light eight core cable.  Up to 30 Top Loggers can be connected to a dedicated purpose-designed network controller that, in turn, is connected to a computer either locally or via an Ethernet LAN.  Three separate strings of loggers can be connected to a single network controller and each string can have one branch, thus enabling up to six strings of loggers to be controlled by the network controller.  Loggers can be located up to 1000 metres from the network controller on any given path.  The RS485 network is designed to use standard CAT5 network cable with RJ45 plugs.  This cable is readily available, can be easily and reliably terminated with RJ45 plugs and is robust when routed securely.  The RS485 inputs are electrically isolated to avoid ground loops compromising logger measurements.  The network controller provides a trickle charge source to charge the internal batteries of the TOP Loggers in the network.


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