Vibrating Wire Logger

OEM Design

Multiple comms options




140mm high x 230mm wide x 100mm deep




Glass-filled polycarbonate with clear lid


Dependant on supplied external case


Operating temperature

-20°C to +55°C

Storage temperature

-25°C to +70°C


Up to 21833 scans

Integrated sensor monitoring and external alarm connections including SMS options

Multiple remote connection options are available


CADEANCO manufactures two OEM Vibrating Wire data loggers for clients that are custom designed to record data from their range of sensors for geotechnical applications.  Loggers are housed in a polycarbonate housing for clients to incorporate in their own external case.   Connections to the logger are easily made via screw terminal connectors and a series of pre-drilled cable access ports provides flexibility for cabling.  The loggers use an external, user-supplied power source including the option of a lead-acid battery with solar charging or AC power module.  With a stand-by current of only 65uA, these loggers are ideal for use in applications where re-charging is impractical and access for battery replacement is difficult.

OEM Vibrating Wire data loggers can be ordered with options for initial configuration and data recovery.  Standard options include a RS232 port, a USB access port, LoRaWAN data push, a 4G GSM Modem or a FTP modem to push data to a private server.

ISO 9001 Certified

More Information

The VWL8 logger has a fixed 8-channel configuration while the larger VWL24 logger can be user configured to accept up to twenty-four independent devices in 8-channel multiples.  Both loggers employ swept frequency algorithms to excite and monitor using vibrating wire sensors.  The flexibility of this logger makes it ideal for stand-alone monitoring in geotechnical, mining and rural applications such as:-

  • VW Piezometers
  • VW Strain Gauges
  • VW Stress Cells
  • VW Pressure Cells
  • VW Temperature Gauges


  • User Flexibility for Installation
  • Stand-alone Operation
  • Multiple Power Options
  • High-speed RS232 Communication
  • Up to 24 Input Channels
  • Inbuilt lightning protection on all inputs
  • Up to 21833 Scan Memory Capacity
  • Menu-driven User Options
  • Simplified Sensor Connection
  • GSM Modem Remote Access Option
  • FTP data pushed via either LoRaWAN or GSM

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