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CADEANCO manufactures a range of electronic readout devices to be used in conjunction with geotechnical instruments distributed by consulting and manufacturing companies.  These readouts are designed to specifications developed in association with our distributors and are manufactured under our Quality Assurance system.

We also design and manufacture microprocessor controlled devices incorporating ‘Intelligent Instrumentation’.  This type of instrument can monitor its own performance in addition to taking displacement, force, temperature or voltage readings as required.  These devices can apply different calibration factors when necessary and can communicate with other networked instruments or with a host computer to download recorded data and status information.  This type of instrumentation has been received well by both Australian and International users.  CADEANCO also designs PC-based software for communication with these instrumentation systems.

Our services are also sought as a consultant for a range of technical applications.  These include engineering modifications to existing instruments, alterations to the electronic readout systems and design enhancements to improve the operation of measurement devices in field and laboratory applications.  These services may vary from simple verbal advice, documentation of design concepts, engineering drawings or operating manuals through to the coordination of field programs by on-site supervision.



CADEANCO is able to focus the talents of an alliance of experienced professionals to deliver practical solutions to customer needs.  In the dynamic world of today, few companies can afford to maintain the in-house expertise required to provide all of the answers every time and both Federal and State Government departments are shedding experienced staff which have been a traditional source of professional advice to industry.

Our network partners enable us to deliver across a broad spectrum of  abilities and all have over 30 years experience in their chosen field.  Our resource network continues to grow as the complexity of the industrial world demands more and more integration of areas that were once stand-alone disciplines.  Modern technical solutions usually incorporate several of these traditional areas and it is this ability to bring together the required talent for a timely, economical solution that we are strongest.

We can integrate many varied disciplines to solve your technical problem including:-

  • Mechanical Engineering Design
  • Electrical Engineering Design
  • Geotechnical Engineering Design
  • PC-Based User-interface Software Design
  • Design and Manufacture of Custom Precision Measurement Devices
  • Custom Electronic Control System Design
  • Custom Electronic Measurement System Design